Welcome to our cleaning shop!!




Many tourists visit Kawaguchiko-town, and most of them use our cleaning shop.


Yonmarusan(403) in Kawaguchiko, is located near from Kawaguchiko Station or Shopping center Bell.


Please come to our laundromat to wash your clothes. There are enough washers and dryers and you can wash not only your clothes bu also your shoes!!


Please check this topic, too. You can see how to use the laundromat.


If you want to use the dry cleaning, such as sweaters and suits, we have the ' express service' at Yonmarusan in Kawaguchiko.

Please come to our shop by 15:00, we will return your clothes at 18:00 (if you come by noon, we can give you at 17:00).

But there are some exceptions, you can't use the express service for down coats, down jackets and some thick jackets. Please ask our staffs for more detail.



We are regularly closed on Thursdays and will close from 31.Dec. till 4. Jan. 2019 for new year's holiday. We apologize for the the inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation.


If you visit our shop, we will give you the original town map.


If you have anything, please do not hesitate to ask.  We are looking forward to you visiting our cleaning shop!!




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